About Me

I have been working online for over 4 years. I currently have over 5 blogs and websites including Soul RootsSuccess from Home, and SiStar Shop.

Outside of maintaining my own blogs and websites, I also am a Social Media Consultant, Journalist, Home-based Business Coach, blogger, and speaker. 

As a Social Media Consultant, I have created multiple social media sites and blogs for businesses. 
African American Lifestyle Magazine
As a journalist, I've wrote many articles, attended multiple events as press, and interviewed CEO's, Entertainers, Comedians, etc.
As a home-based business coach, I am Cleveland, Ohio's Home-based Business Examiner on Examiner.com. I advise and show others how to make money from home. 
In addition, I write articles for several websites including HubPages.
My Success Story: Years ago when a good friend of mine told me I should blog, I had no clue about blogging. As social media became more prevalent, I implemented and created a social media department at my job as a Marketing Director. Writing online started off as a hobby for me, but today it is a side income for my family. 

Most people are looking to make extra money. I believe in good karma and sharing the wealth.  I have been able to successfully make extra money online various ways. I will tell you now, I have no quick get rich tips that will make you millions overnight. Although I haven't got rich YET online, what I can guarantee is that if you follow me and the tips I provide, you can see real results and make some extra money to pay bills, put gas in your car, save for your children's education, etc. 

I've successfully made money online the following ways:

1. I Make Money Writing Online for these sites. 
  • HubPages- Earn Income.  A Wonderful community of talented authors who share their experiences with the world.
  • Examiner.com Earn extra income writing about what you love. Build your portfolio and gain valuable experience. Set your own hours and Work from home.
2. Learning to Monetize My Blog
 I have more than one blog, on various niche topics. Having a blog is an integral part of my online success. My blogs serve as free promotion and also spaces to house affiliate program links as well as informative posts that keep readers interested in what I do. Blogging really does bring in the bucks. Creating niche specific blogs, like my Order of the Eastern Star Blog, has helped me to increase my visibility by appealing to different target audiences. 

I have bookstores attached to some of my websites. The books I sell are related to the topic I am writing about. 

I have a apparel, lingerie, and accessories store. 

4. I make money online through Adsense and Affiliate Programs
I also generate an additional revenue from other affiliate programs that I work with. Some solicited me with their service and others are from niche specific sites that I incorporate into my webpages and blogs.

5. Selling Ad Space
I also make money by selling ad space on my sites. I find that there are so many website owners who have decent traffic and no income, because they don’t know how to turn their clicks into cash.

I also have a few other ways to make extra money up my sleeve which include mystery shopping, performing human intelligence tasks, etc. Stay tuned for more info on becoming a mystery shopper as well as other advice I offer to make extra money from home.

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