Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ohio Dept. of Development offers Workshops on Starting a Home-Based Business

Ohio Home-Based Business Workshop

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Division of the Ohio Department of Development partners with local organizations to provide half-day workshops on the basics of starting a home-based business. The workshops target a specific population, such as people over 50, veterans or displaced workers, with the goal of fostering entrepreneurship in these markets.
Specialized Markets Focus
Focusing on a specialized sub-segment of the population creates a friendly and safe environment for participants. As part of their presentations, trainers discuss issues and special programs for the targeted population. Notices about the workshop are distributed through specialized market channels at both the local and state level, thus reaching into segments of the population which may not be connected with the business world, or aware of services available to support their start-up ventures.
The workshop features speakers from the local area who are part of the target population, preferably people who have also started their own business, as well as experts from the Ohio Department of Development. Meeting and talking with these trainers provides participants with inspirational role models, as well as local contacts.
Ohio Home-Based Business Workshop
The half-day agenda typically consists of 20 minute segments including the following core topics:
  • Home-Based Business Planning: Special considerations for the target population
  • Legal: Business structure, licenses and permits, zoning
  • Banking: Determining need and financing your business
  • Accounting: Filing choices, deductions, record keeping, choosing an accountant
  • Marketing: Research, pricing, brand identity, advertising and PR
  • Insurance: Recommended types and amounts
  • Technology: Computer skills and business software
State/Local Training Partnership
The partnership between the Entrepreneur­ship and Small Business Division, and local partners is flexible, and negotiated on an individual workshop level. The partnering organization receives any fees charged, and must pay for food service. The Entrepreneur­ship and Small Business Division provides the format for the workshop, along with planning tools, a marketing flier and press release. The local partner(s) can help with finding space and speakers, taking registrations, and local marketing. However, the Specialized Markets Coordinator may also help bring resources in through the Governor’s Regional Economic Development Directors,Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) and others.
Specialized Markets
The Specialized Markets Program provides outreach and training to unique market sub-segments in the small business community, including senior citizens, baby boomers, veterans, displaced workers, the physically challenged, minorities, youth, rural, urban and faith-based organizations. The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Division collaborates with other state agencies and service providers to support individuals in these mar­kets to start and grow businesses.
For More Information, contact Entrepreneurship
and Small Business Division
614-466-2718 or 800-848-1300, ext 62718

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