Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why your business NEEDS a Facebook Fan Page NOW!

Whether you have a home-based business or own a large corporation, your business NEEDS a Facebook Fan Page NOW! I’ll tell you why soon. Before you begin you need to know Facebook business etiquette. Since Facebook is a large social network you must be careful how you go about conducting business. A Facebook fan page can also create credibility for your business, so you’ll want to handle your Facebook page with care.
Basic Facebook business etiquette:

  • Don’t post spam on someone’s personal page or wall.
  • Don’t spam in people’s inbox's
  • Don’t request anonymous people
Why does your business need a Fan Page on Facebook? 

  • To increase awareness and attention to your business
  • To increase leads and new clients 
  • To put yourself in a position to become an expert in your business by posting useful information to your fans regarding your business and/or industry
The world is becoming more social and you want your business to have a presence. Whether or not your Facebook fan page is successful depends on YOU! If you follow my advice on Facebook business etiquette, you should be fine. Get started…it is time to share your business with the world!
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